The Wandering Peacock, downtown Westfield Is Moving To Jersey Street

141 S Union Street, Westfield

Just south of 32 on Union Street in downtown Westfield lies a unique shop you have to check out!  Established 5 years ago by Erin O’Rear, The Wandering Peacock is a combination of  “do it yourself” pottery and “Bohemian style store” offering artwork for sale from 30 artists

Nebula mug with moonstone thumbstop (left), Tree mug (rear), energy flower mug (front and center), stack of ceramic bowls (right)

Armed with a pottery degree in college and inspired by a family member’s illness, Erin began creating unique pieces custom designed for each recipient.  Her energy flower mug has different designs meant to inspire, heal, or put a smile on your face!  Erin has pre-made ceramic pieces you can buy off the shelf, commissioned pieces with custom designs, and also offers time at the pottery wheel for those that want to get their hands dirty!

Erin offers classes in store for groups with 8 or less, and can “go mobile” and come to your location for larger groups.  Kids classes, kids parties, brownie troops (for a badge), girls night out, even date night!  And if shopping is more your style….

soy candles, dichrome and rock jewelry, canvas, photography, wood cut, water color, landscape impressionism, anacostics, stained glass, herbal concoctions, handmade goats milk soap, and ceramics, of course!

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