Ring out 2014, Ring in …. snow and freezing cold temps!   

Having my son, officially licensed ten days, talk about driving in snow and ice and commenting “it’s just common sense!”…. car-sliding-620x330

Here are a few tips to help us all stay safe driving these (upcoming) snow and ice covered roads, whether its just a review or something you might want to share with a new driver in your family…

  • Give yourself plenty of extra time for getting where you’re going.  Speed limits are for perfect conditions.  Maintain 3x the normal following distance.
  • Clear your windows and hoods of snow and ice before driving.  Keep your headlights and taillights wiped off.  Have a full reservoir of windshield washer solution.   Use low beams even during day.  In other words, stay visible and have good vision.
  • Have adequate tire traction.  Every ten degree drop in temps reduces tire pressure by one pound per square inch.  If you put weight in the back of a truck to increase traction, it will affect your steering and stop times.  Adjust accordingly.
  • At 30 degrees ice is twice as slippery as at zero degrees, and ice forms first and lasts longer on bridges and in shade. If you hit a patch, let off the accelerator and let your vehicle “roll” through the icy patch  Don’t brake, accelerate or downshift!
  • If you go into a skid, again, take your foot off the accelerator, keep foot off brake,  and lightly steer in the direction the REAR of the vehicle is skidding.
  • Learn how to use jumper cables for a dead battery.  It’s simple, google it!
  • Have an emergency kit in your vehicle.   blanket, water, snacks, gloves, snow shovel, ice melt…and kitty litter is great for tire traction if you’ve got a spinning tire!

Safe Driving!!


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