Kick Start the Holiday Season

This weekend officially kick starts the holiday season, and if you’ve driven around town at  all, you might have noticed a common theme amongst vehicles….  Christmas trees tied on top!

Whether you’re looking for a pre-cut tree or want to experience cutting one down yourself, here are a few tips when selecting and setting up…christmas-tree-hi

  • Look for a straight trunk and a 6-12″ leader tip.   And know your ceiling height!
  • Buy a resilient, healthy tree.  Make sure branches are flexible and springy. If needles are falling off, tree is unhealthy or was cut too soon.
  • Either purchase fresh cut or remove 1/2″ from base (flat cut) and put into water ASAP.
  • KEEP TREE WATERED!!  When your tree is cut more than half of its weight is water.  Stands should provide 1 quart of water per 1″ of trunk diameter.  And be sure the trunk is submerged!
  • Keep trees away from sources of heat, use lights that produce low heat, such as miniature lights,  don’t overload the circuit, and unplug before leaving and bedtime!

And please support your small, local garden centers and tree farms!  SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!   Holiday hours may change so calling ahead isn’t a bad idea.

A few garden centers include Habig Garden Shops  15311 U.S. 31  896-2828,    Salsbery Brothers Landscaping  4317 E. 146th St    843-0100,     Sundown Gardens  13400 Old Meridian St  846-0620,    and a few tree farms include…pre-cutSpencer Farms  Noblesville  776-1560,  and Hoosier Home  Sheridan   225-4732,   and pre-cut/you cut….Piney Acres  Fortville  326-1700,  and Stoneycreek Farm  Noblesville  773-3344



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