How to Help Prevent Bees From Nesting on Your Property

Have you noticed lately that the bees seem to be out in full force? While there is no fool bees with logoproof way to keep bees off of your property there are a few things that you can do to at least deter them.  Bees are looking for a place to expand their nest in a sheltered, protected area.  Unfortunately sometimes this means in the walls of your home that aren’t sealed.  To keep this from occurring you will want to go out at least once every year with some caulk or metal screen and seal up even the smallest hole or crack.  This keep the bees from at least using your home as theirs.

Another way to keep these little stinging creatures at bay is to keep your yard tidy.  Always put up unused outdoor lawn equipment and children’s toys.  This simply helps to eliminate any additional areas for bees to make a home.  The same is true for removing any dead or dying trees.  Inside the trunk of a tree makes an ideal home for a swarm of bees.  Eliminate the option and help reduce your risk of bee infestations.

With all of this being said sometimes you can’t control when and where bees will decide to take up residence.  You are also more prone to a recurrence of a bee infestation if you have already had one.   And while it may be tempting to get your biggest bottle of raid and try to spray them out it is certainly not the smartest solution.  In fact, getting rid of bees is truly a job for the professionals, those who know what they are doing and have the equipment to keep themselves safe during the process.



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