4 Things to Avoid During the Closing Process

Now that you’ve finally found the perfect home for you and your family you are almost closing with logohome free (pun intended).  All that’s left is to get through the closing process and you will be the official home owners of your new abode.  During this process there are still some things to avoid to ensure a much smoother transaction.  The top 4 of these are listed below.

1.) Avoid changing your marital status.  I realize that sometimes things are outside of our total control but by marrying or divorcing during the closing process changes many things including credit scores.  It is best to avoid this until the process is over.

2.) Try to avoid changing jobs.  As I already mentioned, some things are unavoidable but if at all possible stay in your current position so that the banks aren’t forced to reevaluate your loan.  This is especially true if you take a lower paying job or a job in a different field.  Just because you have already been approved does not guarantee they won’t call to re-confirm with your employer.

3.) Don’t make any large purchases.  You’re already making a very large purchase in the form of your new home so adding anymore to that at the same time may cause you to then be denied for your loan.  Wait until all paperwork is done and the closing is final before making any additional purchases that would require using credit, checking your credit score, or taking out a loan.

4.) Don’t switch banks.  Other banks may send offers enticing you to do business with them but once the lender has verified your funds at one institution the funds should remain there until you make the purchase.


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