The Best and Simplest Chili: 5 Ingredients!

There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm bowl of chili while cheering on your favorite chili with logofootball team.  In fact it is one of those fall favorites I look forward to every year.  Sometimes I find chili recipes that look interesting but have upwards of 20 ingredients.  By the time I would purchase all of these ingredients I would have a small fortune invested, not to mention the cooking time.  That is why I am so excited that I found this delicious 5 ingredient crockpot chili recipe! This money is minimal time consuming, minimal financial investment and all with maximum taste!


* 1 pound of ground beef

* 2 cans of diced tomatoes

* small can of tomato sauce

* 1 can of kidney beans

* 1 packet of chili seasoning


Brown the meat in a skillet and place the meat with all of the rest of the ingredients into the crockpot.  You may need to add a half a can of water to thin out the chili.  Let cook all day so that the flavors all mesh and absorb and that’s it! There is not a more simple recipe out there!


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