Want to Sell? Do NOT Do These Home Improvements

Making home improvements specifically to sell your home is a common undertaking that pool with logomost perspective home sellers do before listing their abode.  Making sure that you are spending your hard earned money in a way that can help recoup your cost is important, especially on a budget.  With that being said, if you are making a change or home improvement that will increase your overall satisfaction or usefulness of your house for you and your family then by all means you should do it regardless of the rate of return, as long as you plan to stay in the home for the foreseeable future.

Here are a few improvements that you will not make money on in the sell of your home.

* Home office: While it seems that more and more people are working from home (at least partially) you would assume that a home office would be a hot seller but in actuality statistics show that you usually only get a 46% return on your initial investment.

* Sun Room: I personally love the idea of having an outdoor oasis it seems that I may be in the minority since the payout is only 49% of your investment.

* Bathroom Addition:  This one surprised me more than any other, who doesn’t want/need an extra bathroom? But statistics show that on average you only get a 54% return on your investment.

* Swimming Pools: While you may be envisioning summer pool parties or relaxing on a raft after a hard day at work a potential buyer may be picturing the upkeep, maintenance, and potential liabilities that come with owning a pool.



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