What To Do After Selling Your Home

Now that you’ve sold your home you may think all of your work is done but there are still keys with logosome loose ends and things to do that you need to get in order. Here is a simple check list of things to ensure a smoother moving process.

* Keep all of your paperwork in order. All of the paperwork you have acquired over the process of selling your home may be pertinent when tax time rolls around.

* Keep records related to home improvements. You may be allowed to use these on your upcoming taxes.

* If you are not immediately buying a new house you may want to consider investing your gains into a money market or another relatively safe investment.

* Make sure to change your address. This can be rather overwhelming but in addition to filling out a change of address form with the post office you will want to make a list of all people/companies that contact you by mail and inform them of your address change. It is very important to also let the IRS know about the change as well.

* Take all services out of your name. This makes the entire process smoother and you don’t have to worry about bills.

* Provide important paperwork to the new homeowner. While this isn’t a requirement it is a nice gesture to the buyers to give them things such as owner manuals, warranties, etc to household items.

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