Last Minute Fun Activities Before the Kids Go Back to School

Can you believe we are already talking about back to school? How the time flies! But before they’re weighed down with backpacks and practicing multiplication tables why not do a few more fun activities to help ease the transition! Here are a few of my favorite that I have come across.

* The duct tape bracelet:  This is so simple and yet seems to be such a big hit.  All you need duct tape braceletsto do is take a 6 inch piece of duct tape and wrap it loosely around your child’s wrist with the sticky part facing outwards.  Now take a walk, go to the park, do this while camping, etc and collect things and stick to your bracelet.  These can include small pebbles, flowers, blades of grass, acorns, etc.  Not only will you create a fun and funky bracelet but your little one will take a much bigger interest in the world around them, if even for a few minutes!

* Outdoor Lawn Art: If you are anything like me the thought of letting your kids paint indoors was rather terrifying.  If they weren’t spilling the paint they were touching your couch with their paint covered hands.  Eliminate the stress and up the fun with outdoor artistry.  Simply use an old sheet and lay it out in the yard (it helps to tack it down with tent stakes) and let your little ones go to town creating their own masterpiece.

* Hallway Jungle: This is the perfect activity for those rainy days when you think your kids  yarn in hallwayare going to start scaling the walls.  String yarn back and forth between a hallway or doorway and challenge your kids to get through without “tripping the alarm.”  You can gradually make it harder by adding more yarn.


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