Cleaning Up Cord Clutter: A DIY Guide to Hiding Those Unsightly Cords

It is amazing how much having a cord or a tangle of cords can ruin the entire appearance of a room.  Unfortunately it is also one of the necessary evils for anyone who uses electricity (which I can safely assume is all of us.)  Luckily, there are a few ways that you can disguise those ever present cords to make them blend in or at least match your decor.  Here are a few DIY tips you can try today!cord hider 1

* If you have a lack of outlets and absolutely must have extension cords running around the base of your room use these decorative wooden pieces to resemble a fence.  Not only will it hide all of your cords but it adds character and an element of design to the room.

* Sometimes the cords aren’t just around the floor area, sometimes they have to come down part of the wall.  A good example of this would be from a window air conditioning    beadsoncordunit or a wall mounted television.  Instead of trying to get the cord to blend in with the wall try matching it to your decor instead.  This could be as simple as wrapping a rustic rope around the cord and gluing the ends or even stringing beads on the cord that would match your room.

* If your goal is to hide the cords by blending in than this may be your best bet.  In most cord coverstores they sell a TV cord cover kit which allows you to paint the cover the same color as your walls.

* Last but not least if you detest the idea of the cord being at all visible than you may want to run the cord down the backside of your drywall.  There are multiple kits that you can purchase to achieve this but you may want to consult an electrician or contractor to ensure that your walls are suitable for this.

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