10 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool and Your Bill Down this Summer

On days such as these when the heat is almost unbearable it is helpful to remember some thermometer with logoof these tips to keep your house cool and hopefully your electric bill at a reasonable level!

* Use your ceiling fans.  It is amazing how often I fail to turn on my fans in the summer but the difference is remarkable once you do.  The fans keep this stagnant, humid air moving and provides a cool breeze.

* Go heat free appliances during the day.  Save your dryer, oven, and dishwasher use until the sun has set.  The amount of heat these appliances put out can drastically change the temperature in your home.

* Try not to use a dehumidifier while your air conditioner is running.  The dehumidifier will increase the cooling load and force the AC to work harder.

* Keep your house closed tight as much as possible.  Make sure entry doors are sealed and not letting out valuable cool air.

* Get a regular maintenance check on your air conditioning unit.  This will ensure that your unit is running correctly and that all filters are changed and clean.

* Close the curtains on any south and west facing windows during the day to keep the sunlight out.

* Install white mini-blinds or shades.  These alone can reduce solar heat gain by 40-50%.

* If possible provide shade for the exterior portion of your air conditioner.  This can increase its efficiency by up to 10%.

* Some professionals recommend turning of your A/C completely if you are going to be gone more than 2 hours.

* Apply low-e film or a similar product that is applied to your windows and the coating can reflect up to 93% of radiant heat.


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