Throw a Festive Fourth of July Brunch!

Before the swimming, the cookouts, the games, the parades, the fireworks …before tan collage collageeverything comes the most important meal of the day so why not celebrate it.  This year instead of focusing all of your effort on the cookout instead throw a Fourth of July brunch or just make a festive breakfast for your family.  Either way, here are some great recipes and ideas to help pull together this decorative event that is sure to become a fun, family tradition.

* Red, White and Blue Pancakes: In my opinion, no breakfast is complete without a delicious pancake or two.  The simple concept behind the red and white pancakes is to use regular and red velvet pancakes with blueberries on top.  Follow the recipe here for these patriotic pancakes!

* Festive Fruit:  Fruit is always a great addition to any breakfast but it is even more tempting when it looks as good as these do!  Simply hull the strawberries and cut the bottom so that they will stand flat.  Fill the inside of the strawberry with Redd-Whip and place a blueberry on top! It’s as easy as that!

* Patriotic Parfait: Having a parfait with your Fourth of July brunch will certainly bring high praise from all in attendance.  These beautiful parfaits are made with red currants and cream topped with blueberries and currants! I then would have a bowl of granola that guests could add to their parfait if they choose.

* Red, white, and blue Potatoes: A potato dish brings a filling and wholesome feel to a brunch and making potatoes appear patriotic is not hard to do.  Since there are already white potatoes, red potatoes, and blue potatoes in existence the heavy lifting is already done.  Simply cube up the potatoes and place on a baking sheet with light oil.  Cook until done (crispy on the edges).

* Red, White, and Blue Sangria:  It is the Fourth of July after all and what better way to celebrate than with a delicious and refreshing sangria! This is the perfect accompaniment to your brunch.  Follow the recipe here! Add star cut pineapple, blue berries, and strawberries for an even bigger bang!


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