Unique and Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

My guess is that over the years you have probably covered every predictable Father’s Day gifts such as ties, golf tees, fishing poles, etc.  How about this year try one of these unique ideas with a personal touch to let your dad know how special he is! These are great for grandpa gifts as well!

* I think any craft project that shows effort is a great Father’s Day gift.  I particularly like shadow picturethe idea of this shadow project.  Simply cut out a message using paper or cardboard and take a picture of the kids/grandkids holding the sign.  The message could even include their name! I would suggest getting a large print of the photo and framing it for a very special gift!

* Does your dad like bacon?  Silly question, of course he does.  How neat would it be to get him a “Bacon of the Month” membership.  Every month a different type/flavor of bacon would arrive at his doorstep.  I particularly like monthly gifts that remind the recipient all year of your thoughtfulness.

* Along the same lines as a monthly club is one that is super affordable! The “Dollar Shave shaveclubClub” is a program that ships new razors to the recipient every month.  You can do this program for as little as $3.00 a month.  Plus you have the option to include little extras some months such as aftershave, shaving cream, etc.

* Using fun little play on words is a good way to let dad know how much you care.  For example buy him a can of assorted nuts and tie a tag to it saying “We are Nuts About you Dad” or get a bottle of his favorite soda pop with a tag saying “World’s Best Pop”.  You could come up with quite an assortment of examples like these.

* A lot of stores have great personalized gifts such as Walgreens.  Find a memorable photo bagand get it put on items such as a reusable shopping bag, coffee mug, dog collar, key chains, and more.  This is a very personal and affordable gift.

* Last but not least I think I can speak for most dads out there when I say, the thing they would enjoy most of all is spending time with their kids or grandkids.  So why not this year give your dad tickets to a game to attend together or a restaurant gift card for a dinner date with your dad.  Making memories is one of the best gifts you can give!


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