3 Quick Home Improvements You Can Do Today

Whether you are selling your home or simply trying to improve your current home it is a widely accepted fact that most homeowners main objective is to spend as little money and as little time yet still have a big impact.  These three simple projects encompass all of these rules and will allow you to get back to napping in the hammock, watching Mad Men on Netflix, or diving back into that book you just can’t put down.

* Unless you have outlets placed on every square foot of your wall you are bound to cord rope with borderhave unsightly wires that are exposed.  Instead of moving furniture to help cover them or attempting to hide them under a rug why not make them more appeasing to the eye.  Simple wrap your exposed cords in rope.  All you will need is rope and a hot glue gun and within minutes you have eliminated a necessary eye sore!

* The biggest clue to a bathtub that needs replaced or updated is the caulking around tub and tile.  By simply adding fresh beading of caulk around the tile it instantly improves the look of the bathroom and buys you some time before you need to do a total replacement.  Plus you can do this little improvement for around $10!

* While painting a whole room can be time consuming and costly you can get the same paint walleffect by choosing an accent wall.  This is especially ideal for the wall behind your bed.  Simply choose a color that will stand out and illuminate the area and paint that one wall.  Doing this not only spruces up the room but it gives the room a bit of depth that wasn’t there before.


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