Simple Gardening Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

Do you ever walk by someones yard and think, “they must know something that I don’t flower with textabout gardening because despite my best efforts my flowers will never look like theirs.”  I must admit I am often “green” with envy over others floral success.  That is why I am so happy that I have discovered these simple tips that will at least help to even the playing field!

* Before you begin, while this will certainly not improve the look of your flowers it can be a lifesaver on a pristine manicure.  Before you begin digging in the dirt, because lets face it, those gardening gloves are too restrictive… dig your nails into a bar of soap.  The dirt will not be able to get stuck up in your nails and the soap will just wash out in the shower.

* When you boil or steam vegetables don’t just dump that water down the drain.  Let it cool and then pour in the soil of your flowers (or vegetable garden).  You will be amazed at the nutrients that are in the water and how much your flowers will respond to it!

* While we are on the topic of using leftovers, some plants love a more acidic soil such as azaleas, gardenias, and even blueberries.  Check to see if your plants are acidic lovers and start saving your leftover coffee grounds.  Sprinkle these about a half an inch thick on your soil once a month to keep the acidic level up and your plants happy!

* Plant native flowers.  While there may be some beautiful flowers that would go great in your garden but they are not native to your soil you may very well be wasting your time.  Native plants are already accommodated to your climate and soil type and are already resistant to pests in the area.  Talk to your local nursery or garden store to find out which plants are native to your particular area.

* If you are planting your flowers in a pot (which I highly recommend because you do not have to weed near as much) place an uncracked, raw egg in the bottom of the pot before planting.  As the egg decomposes it will serve as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

* To keep neighborhood dogs and cats away so that they don’t step on your flowers or mistake them as a bathroom, finely chop citrus rinds and sprinkle them on the mulch in your garden.  Critters don’t like the smell of the orange oil!

* Last but not least, cooking spray is very handy when tending to your flowers and landscaping.  Simply spray the cooking spray on your shovel to prevent clumps of dirt from sticking.  Also spray it on your shears for a quicker, sharper cut.  Before installing your line for your weed wacker apply cooking spray to prevent tangling or breaking.

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