Keller Williams is a Wonderful Company to Work For… And Clearly I’m Not Alone!

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say how much I love my job and the company kw realty with borderI work for…..that is why I thought I’d check to see what other employees think about Keller Williams and share with you some of their responses as well. (You can find more responses here.)

* “Keller Williams offers great classes to teach newcomers how to improve their business. As an independent contractor, the flexibility allows each agent to effectively” run their own business. What you make of it is what you put in. They have a great mentor program to help new agents learn from experienced ones, and the management is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

* “Excellent work environment and very willing to help you with anything.”

* “Pros: free training, mentors, beautiful offices and meeting rooms
Keller Williams is an excellent training company! They go well above and beyond to cross train all of their agents and are always willing to assist. Everyone there has a smile and is genuinely happy to be there! I love it and couldn’t ask for a better workplace!”

* “This is a good company to work for. They provide education and support.”

* “This company has pioneered work/family balance and works to help associates maintain personal values.”

* “Great Company with highly motivated employees and great learning structure.”

* “Wonderful place to learn, work and profit. great activities to help the people of the community.”

* “You get what you put in! You determine your own salary and run your own business.”

* “I feel blessed to say I have worked at Keller Williams Realty for 4 years now. Hands down the best workplace.”

* “Being a real estate agent allows me to be my own boss. It allows me to be flexible and have control. Keller Williams Realty provides me with unlimited tools and resources to help better my business and allow me to reach my goal.”


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