Don’t Throw Out Those Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs!

If you are anything like most of us, about a week after Easter you are throwing away 10-12 scotchegg pichard boiled pink and purple eggs.  While you may have used one or two to throw in a salad or eaten one for breakfast, the majority of them end up going to waste.  How about this year we all vow to not just throw them away and instead make some interesting, tasty, and simple dishes that use these protein packed wonders.

Scotch Eggs: A simple and delicious way to use these eggs.  All you do is simply use ground sausage to encase the entire egg, dip in a beaten egg and roll in crunched up corn flakes and cook! The crispy edge, the savory meat, and the filling egg make for a delicious meal all in one!

BLT Deviled Eggs: While deviled eggs aren’t much of a stretch to using your leftover eggs, this delicious twist on them is.  Adding bacon to anything automatically makes it tastier and the tomato and lettuce give it a fresh taste as well!

Pickled Eggs: If you are from the south I won’t be teaching you anything with this one as it is almost a staple item down there.  These tangy pickled eggs will allow you to preserve your eggs even longer and make for a great snack!

Last but not least if you just simply will not or cannot eat one more hard boiled egg it may make for a special treat for your dog cut up on top of his food.  You may want to first check with your vet but they have long been thought of as a safe food for your four legged friend!


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