Help Spread the Word By Spreading This Poem

I watch you as you walk by peering in the cage      beagle in cagepm
I sit in quiet desperation hoping I won’t be judged by age
I’ve layed here in solitude just praying for a chance
Wishing we could have met elsewhere, in a different circumstance
Somehow I ended up here and I’m not quite sure why
I thought my family loved me but then they so easily said good-bye
Apparently they thought I was cute when I was just a pup
Didn’t they realize that like everything, I too would grow up?
Instead of keeping their promise to take care of me throughout my life
They dropped me here in this confusing place full of pain and strife.
I wonder if they think of me or if they’ve already moved on
Do you think they know how hurt I am or are they just glad I’m gone?
I can’t express to you in words but you can hear my cries
If you would take just a minute of your time you’d see the sadness in my eyes
But despite the sting of rejection I do have things to be thankful for
These kind souls at this place I live have gone above and more
They search day and night for a family to take the others place
They give me treats, give me love, offer a kind heart and a friendly face
They explain to me that it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t do anything wrong.
They have helped me to recognize that I will eventually find a home where I truly belong.
This place I speak of is the Humane Society and they could really use your support
there needs are great and overwhelming, yet their funding often runs short
You could volunteer your time, donate money, or bring supplies
Your little acts of kindness will do more than you’ll ever realize.
So share this little poem to remind all that I need a family of my own
And let’s help spread the word that me and my friends all need a home!


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