Revolutionizing The Dinner Table

I love to share with you some of my favorite recipes, tips, and tricks in the kitchen so despite calling this website “my little kitchen secret” I have decided to let you in on one of the most helpful recipe sites ever created.  The website is and the title speaks for itself and I’ll tell you why.

How many times have you felt like you had food in your refrigerator or pantry only to recipeboxpmrealize you have ingredients but no idea on how to make it a cohesive meal?  Or have you just not had time to make it to the store and only have a few select food items and hope to make a meal that doesn’t resemble some sort of slop? Well this website allows you to choose all of the ingredients that you have and will then spit out recipes that you can make using those chosen ingredients.

By using this handy recipe website not only are you able to scrap together a suitable last minute meal using food on hand but this also helps to eliminate food waste altogether.  It also pushes you to try new and tasty recipes therefore getting you out of your inevitable food rut we all fall in.  So next time you are staring aimlessly into the refrigerator in hopes that a delicious meal will just pop out, instead pop open your computer and find a recipe masterpiece!

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