Find a Home, Move, Decorate, and Keep Clean All With Your Fingertips

Do you remember the days when you actually had to remember to do your chores, or had appspmto simply use your imagination to decide if a piece of furniture would look good in your home, or even better yet when you actually had to call a realtor to find out the price and information on a home for sale? Well thank goodness we don’t live in the stone age anymore (unfortunately, I’m only half kidding) and we have some amazing apps that help us with our day to day lives as well as the process of buying, moving, and decorating our new home.  Here are a few of my favorite:

* The KW App: This well designed and easy to use app puts home buying in your hands.  Not only does it give you information on all homes for sale in an area that you specify but it allows you to quickly connect with your agent to send property inquiries instantly. (Plus you can enter for a chance to win $50k if you download this app before 3/31/14.)

* MoveTools: We all know moving can be stressful and difficult to orchestrate.  This State Farm based app gives you everything you need to move from being able print box top contents on labels to tracking your move progress.  This app helps you stay organized in what is generally a very disorganized time.

* Furnish: This app solves a long standing problem of not knowing whether a piece of furniture will look good in your house.  With this app you can digitally place the piece in your home and if you like what you see you can order it by clicking on the purchase button.  Such a hassle free and fun way to decorate.

* HomeRoutines: This new app is designed to help keep your daily household tasks on schedule.  People who use HomeRoutines have used this feature for everything from exercise goals, study reminders, simple menu planning, family fun, and words of encouragement.


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