Be the Hit this Valentine’s Day at the Office

Valentine’s Day gifts and celebration are not limited to just your significant other.  In fdonutact, you can brighten everyone’s day at work with some of these fun and creative office appropriate Valentine’s Day ideas.

While doughnuts may be a staple item in your break room why not bring in a couple bags of doughnut holes for the office to share?  You can either hand write or print out a cute tag that states “Donut You Know I Like You a Hole Bunch”.

beemineAnother fun office friendly idea is to print out Valentine’s cards that say “Won’t You Bee My Valentine”.  Then tape a tube of Burt’s Bees chap-stick to the card.  Anyone who has tried this chap-stick will certainly appreciate it!

For a fun afternoon snack that is always a crowd pleaser bring in lots of microwave popcorn bags.  Place a blank label sticker on each individual bag and write in “My Heart Pops for You”.

Last but not least it may be very well received to bring a Valentine’s gift that your winebottlesco-workers can take home and enjoy (depending on your office rules) that includes a bit of wine! A great way to do this on a budget is to buy the four packs of the small bottles of wine (each bottle is approximately one glass).  Hang a tag on each bottle of wine that states “Hope you Enjoy and Un’Wine’D This Valentine’s Day”.

Regardless of what you do you may be surprised at how much your co-workers and friends would appreciate the thought and cute treats this Valentine’s Day.  I’d love to hear some of your own unique ideas as well!

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