Things You Can Do Now To Get Your House Ready to Sell This Spring

homewinterpmMost of the time people don’t decide to sell their home on a whim, it takes careful planning and consideration and a bit of work.  Since spring is the most popular time that people place their homes on the market there are a few things that you can do this winter to get your home prepared for viewing.  The first thing that I would recommend doing is setting up a home inspection by a licensed property inspector.  Chances are that a potential buyer may ask that you make pertinent repairs and this way you get a jump start on these projects and can better budget theses expenses.

The next project you can begin tackling this winter is de-cluttering your home.  You won’t have the luxury of spring cleaning if you already have your house on the market, so starting early this year will benefit you in the long run.  Not only will you want to throw out, donate, or recyle all of the items you no longer want but you will need to focus on de-personalizing your home as well.  This means taking down all of your children’s art work on the refrigerator, replacing the huge family portrait with some store bought painting, and scraping off all of those My Little Pony stickers your daughter had plastered around her window sill.  The reason for all of this is that potential home owners want to be able to picture themselves and their lives in this house and with a ton of someone else’s personal things it is hard to do just that.

Last but not least it is essential that you find a realtor that will help present your home in wendyviviritothe best light.  Someone that has experience in the business and is involved in the community.  Remember you will be working closely with this realtor for the forseeable future and finding that one realtor that is dedicated to your goals and tireless in their efforts.  I hope to be that realtor for you and help you on your house selling journey.  If you have any questions about steps to take in selling your home, feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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