Westfield Workout

There is certainly no shortage of gyms you can join in Westfield.  In fact they each seem to weightspmoffer different and unique features that would appeal to a wide variety of exercise enthusiasts of all ages.  In an effort to help you stick with your New Years resolutions and help match you up with the gym in town that best suits your needs here are a few note-worthy things about a few of the gyms in our ever-growing town.

Snap Fitness, located on 161st St. and Spring Mill Rd., offers 24 hour access to their gym for those super early risers or all nighters out there.  With a variety of classes offered this is an ideal gym to get started with since they do not require a year long commitment but instead a month to month membership plan.  This is a smaller gym without all of the extra’s but very clean and well maintained.

LA Fitness, on 146th St. offers almost every amenity  you could want in a gym and more.  The amenities range from a large pool, spa, to personal training and a well reviewed “kids klub”.  With the large size of the gym they also offer basketball courts, perfect for staying in shape while staying warm indoors.

Anytime Fitness, located on SR 32, boasts 24 hours access as well as access to all of their locations across the country.  This is ideal for anyone who travels often for work or wants to use multiple locations.  With a large selection of cardio machines and strength training this helps to eliminate the dreaded lines at the gym.

Fitnow Group Fitness, on Kendall Ct., offers a very different approach to working out and staying in shape.  Their gym is set up as a group exercise, bootcamp type workout.  They offer multiple classes 5 days a week and help to push you towards your goals without being overly aggressive.  This is the ideal gym for those of us who are not as self-motivating or who like the camaraderie that comes with working together as a group.



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