Getting Rid of The Fat Without Sacrificing Your Late Night Snack

How is everyone doing with their New Year’s resolutions?  If you are anything like me you frozenyogurtmay be struggling with giving up some of your favorite yummy treats.  Unfortunately, having ice-cream before bed every night does not bode well for the weight loss plan.  Thankfully, I have found an alternative that not only satisfies my sweet tooth but is good for me too! Plus, this has been a big hit with the whole family.  All you need for this simple dessert is waffle ice-cream cones, yogurt, and fruit.  Simply fill the waffle cones with your favorite type of yogurt (I like to mix it up and make mine half strawberry and half vanilla).  Place the cone in the freezer to freeze the yogurt.  When you are ready to eat simply pull out of the freezer and place diced up fruit or even granola on the top.  I have found that mixing the fruit into the yogurt before hand is also a great way to incorporate the fruit.  The best way to make sure these are around for your sweet tooth and you don’t go digging in the cabinet for those calorie laden cookies is to make a week’s worth on Sunday and keep them frozen for quick access.  I’d love to hear some of your low calorie treat ideas as well!

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