Why Selling Your House Now is a Good Idea

homeforsalepmHave you been on the fence about selling your house or not?  Has the past housing market discouraged you from cashing in on your real estate investment?  Well according to all of the experts, statistics, and my own personal experience, now is the time to finally sell your home and either upgrade for your growing family, downsize for those empty-nesters, or relocate to that trendy new neighborhood you’ve had your eye on.

According to newly released statistics by CoreLogic, house prices have increased nationally by 8.3% and this month was the 10th consecutive monthly gain. In fact, Trulia reported a 2.3% increase (or $3,582) in the past 2 weeks alone.   What this means is that there are no foreseeable dips in the housing market anytime soon.  Additionally, with so many people being wary of the housing market and prices there is a lot less competition to sell.  In fact, the number of existing houses on the market is the lowest it has been since Dec. 1999.     With that being said it seems like the ideal time to finally list your house at a price you are comfortable with.

For more information about your local housing market or how to get started selling your home feel free to email or call me.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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