Fun Snow Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Chances are if you have young kids at home there is at least some level of stir-crazy taking snowcatpmplace because of the weather.  Instead of watching yet another movie or playing yet another video game why not try a couple of these snow time activities that are not only interactive and educational but a lot of fun as well.  Plus you can take advantage of all of the family time by making some precious memories in the process.  Below is a list of some of my favorite snow activities and I’d love to hear some of yours.

* Coloring indoors can be fun but coloring in the snow is a blast! The best way I have found to make colorful snow creations is by using different squirt bottles (cleaned out mustard bottles, spray bottles, even squirt guns) and filling them with water colored with food coloring.  Let your kids make their own snow designs with these fun water colors!

* Instead of making the traditional snowman why not switch it up and make something such as a caterpillar? You can even use the same type of utensils you would use at the beach (buckets, shovels, rakes) to help create your masterpiece.  Plus the smaller creations are easier for younger children to make.

* Blowing bubbles is typically thought of as a warm weather activity but you can have just as much fun blowing bubbles in the freezing temperatures.  In fact, if temperatures are incredibly low and you blow the bubbles up in the air the bubbles should freeze before they hit the ground.  This creates an awesome visual and is particularly neat with colored bubbles.

* Hold an Easter egg hunt of sorts outdoors but instead of using Easter eggs make colored ice cubes and hide them around the yard.  Your kids will have a blast finding these multi-colored cubes.

* Last but not least why not make a sweet ice-cream treat out of all of the snow!  All you need is sugar, vanilla extract, milk, and of course snow.  Combine all of the ingredients following this recipe and enjoy some snow ice-cream for dessert!


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