Homemade Christmas Gifts From the Kitchen

Finding that perfect gift for your co-worker, neighbor, child’s teacher, etc. can be difficult, adulthotchocespecially if you are like most of us and are on a budget.  Often times I will bake up some delicious goodies and hand these out with a cute card as a Christmas gift.  And while I am certainly not bashing sweets and desserts I think this year I am going to try a different angle.  It seems that between Christmas parties, office parties, and cookie exchanges that most people are exposed to plenty of sweets around the holidays.  Why not mix it up this year and gift one of these unique Do It Yourself food gifts!

* The first DIY food gift that would be perfect for neighbors and friends and that is the “Adult Hot Chocolate Kit”.  To make these simply buy some ball jars and fill the bottom half with Swiss Miss or your hot chocolate of choice about half way.  Fill the rest of the jar with marshmallows and screw on the lid.  Take some twine and attach a small bottle of Baileys to the outside and voila you have a cute, useful, and cost efficient gift!

* Another creative and inexpensive gift to make is homemade dog treats.  Lets face it, most of us consider our four legged friends as part of the family and would be happy to receive a treat for them.  Click here for some simple dog treat recipes that make a super cute gift!

*Last but not least another wonderful idea for an edible Christmas gift is Maple Bacon Popcorn, and yes it tastes as wonderful as it sounds.  One of the great things about this savory treat is that you can easily make a bulk amount of it and split them into small bags as gifts.  Click here for the full recipe!


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