Christmas Flowers: A Great Way to Send Christmas Cheer

There are very few gifts out there that nearly every person, young or old, would appreciate flowercollagepmthe same way that people appreciate flowers.  Not only do flowers immediately convey to another person that you were thinking about them but they are a lasting reminder to smile.  So why not this year spread your cheer around and send flowers to your loved ones.  Better yet, do so at the same time supporting a local Westfield business, Union Street Flowers.

union flowers ownersUnion Street Flowers has been a part of our town since 1990 and is family owned and operated.  They are renowned for some of the most beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions.  Their Christmas flowers may just be my favorite though.  Maybe it’s because there are not many outdoor flowers left to admire or maybe it is their deep reds mixed with shiny gold colors that bring a bit of festivity to any table, counter, or mantel.  Whatever the reason, anyone would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful Christmas flower surprise.  Plus with such a large selection you’re sure to find the one that fits each person and each occasion.

For questions or to place an order call 888-867-2525 or check out their easy to navigate website here.


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