The Great Indy Pet Expo

petexpoAs an animal lover I am always interested when there are events geared towards our four-legged friends and the Great Indy Pet Expo is no exception.  This fun and educational event takes place Sat. Nov. 9th (10:00-6:00) and Sun. Nov. 10th (10:00-4:00) @ the Exposition Hall at the Indianapolis State Fair Grounds.   The mission of the Great Indy Pet Expo is to promote the health and well-being of Indiana’s companion animals; to educate Indy pet owners on the importance of spaying, neutering, and regular veterinary care; and to encourage pet ownership as a lifetime commitment.  Not only is this expo educational but you will also get a chance to see new pet products and services (ideal when Christmas shopping for your four-legged friend or a fellow animal lover).  There are many events lined up for the show including a drug dog demo, costume contests, Pet food 101 presentation, and much much more.  The best part of this event is that you can bring your own canine companion as long as they are fixed and on a 6ft or shorter leash.  For more information click here.  What a great way to enjoy a cold winter weekend with your four-legged friend and learn some tips along the way!


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