Gift Ideas for New Home-Owners!

housewarming bucketNeedless to say, in my line of work I am invited to many housewarming parties.  And while I love the idea of celebrating such a wonderful milestone in someone’s life I often times am at a loss of what type of gift to bring to such an event.  I have finally concluded that the best gift to give a new home owner is a practical one.  It is simply shocking (yet understandable) how many new home owners do not own a hammer or an extension cord.  While these in themselves don’t seem like very exciting gifts I try to find practical and useful household items on sale and stockpile them (such as duct tape, goo-gone, windex, nails, light bulbs, paper towels, etc).  Then when I receive a housewarming invitation I find a lovely basket or bucket and assemble an array of items inside the basket.  And just so it’s not all work and no play I slip a bottle of wine in as well and viola, the perfect housewarming gift for that new home owner in your life!


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