A Halloween That is Sure to Not Disappoint!

batsFinding the perfect thing for you and your family to do on Halloween can be tricky.  I know there have been countless times where my kids have had the perfect Halloween costume picked out and ready only to find that dressing like Tarzan or Tinkerbell is not conducive to 35 degree weather.  Additionally, I have found that as my kids have outgrown the Halloween trick or treating I have missed dressing up myself! It seems pointless to get all decked out for Halloween if I have nowhere to go.  Luckily I have an alternative that fixes these problems and that is our Keller Williams Indy Metro Halloween Party! The festivities take place on Tuesday, Oct. 29th from 5:30-7:00 at our office (8555 N. River Rd. Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN).  This is the perfect opportunity to show off your scary, funny, or creative costume as well as participate in bobbing for apples, trick or treating through the office, and enjoying cookies and juice.  So don’t worry about the weather and come join us for a family fun Halloween!

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