Technology is a Wonderful Thing: Our New Mobile App

Just when you thought technology couldn’t improve anymore on the entire house buying kellerwilliamsappprocess, Keller Williams has developed a new mobile app that simplifies the process even more.  This app allows you to not only easily connect with your agent and send property inquiries instantly but also see property details, full screen photos, mark your favorites, and share it with friends and family.  In addition to helping you locate the homes for sale or rent in your target area this app also has a free mortgage calculator that estimates your home loans.  Not only that but the data base of homes is not limited to those homes associated with a Keller Williams Agent but access to all of the homes in the MLS database! While it’s easy to see how this benefits those in the market for a new home it is equally as beneficial for those selling their home.  With this app your Keller Williams realtor has yet another crucial outlet to find home-buyers.  To download the app click here to my webpage and on the right side of the screen click “click here to download the app.”  Even if you are not in the market for a new house quite yet this is a great way to see the houses in your area and get an idea of what you are looking for.


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