Keller Williams is #1 Again!

kellerwOver the past year Keller Williams has had a net gain of 12,000 associates making them the largest real estate franchise in North America.  A statement released by CEO Mark Willis stated “we have the best business model in the industry and it’s leading to increased productivity, profitability, and profit sharing that are at all time highs for our company and unrivaled in our industry.”  I can certainly testify to the fact that Keller Williams is unlike any other real estate company.  Despite having 90,000 associates around the world the company manages to make each agent an important part in the overall success.

One of the more obvious ways that Keller Williams is spot on when it comes to giving consumers what they want is the release of the Keller Williams mobile app.  This app is personally branded for each individual agent and in the past 30 days alone over 58,000 consumers have downloaded the app to their Apple and Android devices.

With their constant improvements on their already solid business model, their ability to keep up with market demands, and catering intently to what the consumer wants Keller Williams is not only a wonderful company to work for they are a great company to work with as a buyer.  I think I can speak for most agents when I say we genuinely are proud of where we work and it shows in our hard work and dedication to finding you the ideal home for you and your family!


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