The Last House You’ll Ever Have to Buy

prairie1Many of my recent buyers have been growing families that need more space.  And while buying an enormous house seems like the ultimate answer it may not be the right one.  While I’m sure most people could certainly use more space you also want to plan for the future which includes bills, heating/cooling, and children eventually moving out.  Not too often do people want to stay in enormous homes with only 2 people living in them.  But if you are looking for a home that will give you more space and storage without being huge and a place that you could stay in long after your children have flown the nest than this is the house for you.

You can find this 3 bedroom home in the heart of Noblesville, which allows for your kids to prairie2attend the renowned Noblesville school system.  The open floor plan creates a wide range of furniture options plus the interior was just painted last weekend so you have a blank canvas to work with! And did I mention all the storage spaces? The vaulted ceiling-ed master suite has a large walk-in closet and the kitchen boasts beautiful cabinetry with a large pantry.   Priced at a mere 134,900 for 1848 square feet you certainly cannot beat this price.  So if moving often is not your idea of fun and settling down in a safe city with great schools is than this house could quite possibly the last house you ever have to buy! Call now to set up your tour today!


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