Girl Scouts: A Positive Lifelong Influence

girlscoutsMany of you might already know I am a big supporter of the Girl Scout organization.  Not only have I had wonderful experiences but I can testify to the positive influence it can have over a young girls life.  In fact according to a new Girl Scout Research Institute study, “women who were girl scouts as children display significantly more positive life outcomes than non-Girl Scout alumnae.”  This study was surveyed a sample of more than 3,550 women, half of whom were Girl Scouts at one point and the other half who were not.  Some of the interesting findings were that Girl Scout alumnae were much more likely to have participated in volunteering and community service, they had a higher perception of self, and 38% had obtained college degrees compared to 28% of non-Girl Scouts.  With over 100 years as an organization it’s clear to see why the Girls Scouts are such a success and will continue to be so.  I encourage you to get your daughters, nieces, granddaughters involved in this worthwhile organization!


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