Ready to Sell? How Much Should You Ask?

forsalesignpmSo you’ve finally decided that with the market in an upswing, your son home from college, the grand-kids coming to visit, or the closets bursting at the seams that now is the time to sell your house and find one that better suits your needs.  You’ve probably already had your eye on a few of your dream homes but the real question remains, “How much can I get out of my house?”

There are three main things that you will need to look at to determine the appropriate price for your house.  The first one of these will be competition within the market.  This basically means how many similar houses are competing to be sold within the same geographical area as you.  Market saturation can make a difference when it comes to housing prices.  The second thing you will want to look at is the condition of the market.  This means whether the market has an advantage towards buyers or sellers.  While in the years past during the market crash the advantage had always been towards the buyers but with the improving housing market the seller now stands in the advantage point.  The third and final thing that determines how much to sell your house for is of course the condition of your home.  Have you made recent upgrades? Improvements? Investments into your home.  All of these things can have an impact on how much you should ask.

While some of this might seem overwhelming take peace in knowing that I can assist you in all of these steps and provide the information that you will need to help determine a selling price.  As your realtor it is my job to keep you informed and well aware of market trends that will affect your selling prospects.  Please call me with any questions you may have!


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