Patriotic Recipes: Be the “Star” of the Pitch-In

Fourth of July is not only a great time to celebrate our countries independence but it is a wonderful excuse to get together with friends and family for a good ole fashion cookout and pitch-in.  Why not steal the show this year with a patriotic side dish or dessert? Here are a couple simple and inexpensive options that will surely impress.

Patriotic Deviled Eggs:

To make these red, white and blue tasty treats you simply make your deviled eggs as normal.  The only additional step is to use blue and red food coloring to dye the outside of some of the eggs.  This simple touch brings a pop of patriotic color to any cook-out.


July 4th Strawberries:

This is yet another easy and inexpensive recipe for a healthy dessert.  All you need to do is redwhiteandbluestrawberrytake a strawberry and dip the bottom two thirds of the berry into white chocolate.  Before the chocolate hardens you will then dip the bottom third of the strawberry into blue sprinkles.  And voila, a beautiful dessert with minimal effort.



American Drink:

Last but not least a red, white and blue adult beverage will put your party over the top.  shooterPlus with 3 simple ingredients you can keep cost to a minimum.  All you’ll need is 1 part grenadine, 1 part peach schnapps, and 1 part blue curacao.  Pour the liquids one at a time slowly into a shot glass in the order of grenadine, schnapps, and curacao and they will stay separated! So pretty!


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