The Downtown Westfield Redevelopment

downtownAnyone who had doubts that the town would follow through with it’s downtown Westfield Redevelopment plans were proved wrong when the bulldozers showed up and began their demolition.  Tearing down the Muffler’s and More shop was surely a hard decision but one that had to be made in order to make way for the big plans that Westfield has in store.  This 50 million dollar project is one of multiple things happening in the city of Westfield in their venture to become a destination spot as well as an amateur sports capital.  With the US 31 project, Grand Park, and this downtown plaza Westfield is certainly getting a makeover.  With all of the new additions there are sure to be new places to eat, shop, and visit moving in soon after.  What an exciting time to be living in Westfield.  I am personally very excited about the up and coming vibe that our town is projecting and look forward to seeing all of the progress!

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