Top 3 Projects to Increase Equity in Your Home

Selling a home in some markets can certainly be challenging now-a-days but instead of beforeandaftercurbappeallowering your bottom line or giving up all together there are some areas you can focus on to raise your equity as well as demand for your home.  The first and in my opinion most important aspect is to focus on your curb appeal.  First impressions generally stick and if you can’t get prospective buyers excited about entering your home your chances of selling are slim.  This project doesn’t have to be expensive, simply invest in some hanging plants, put a fresh coat of paint on your front door, power wash the front porch and back deck, and trim up the shrubbery.  All of these will make a dramatic difference to someone driving by.

The second area to focus on if you are hoping to have high interest in your home is the kitchen.  You can either do a large remodel or if your budget is tight you can focus on some smaller projects that will get a big bank for your buck.  Some of these include refinishing your cabinetry or even more simply updating your cabinetry hardware with something more modern.  Most kitchen remodels will fetch you 80% return but it is a big selling point for many prospective home buyers.

Last but not least the third area you will want to focus your money and effort is the bathroom.  You will want to highlight storage options with plenty of attractive yet useful shelving.  Updating light fixtures, faucets, and shower doors is a must and leads people to believe that all of the bathroom has been updated.

If you are looking to sell your home please feel free to contact me with any questions!



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