The Giving Tree

arbordayimageI’m sure many of you have read the children’s story “The Giving Tree” and have marveled at all of the amazing products that are only made possible by using wood from trees.  I’m sure many of you partake in breathing clean oxygen 🙂 yet another thing that we can thank our green leafy friends for.  Or maybe you have hung a tire swing from a big oak tree, sat beneath the shade of a willow, or carved your initials in the redwood out back.  Whatever the case may be it is safe to say you have benefited in more ways than one from our ever giving trees.  This Saturday, April 27th in celebration of Arbor Day is a chance to give back to the trees and our city of Westfield.  From 10:00 am until they run out the city of Westfield is planting trees at Quaker park.  In addition they are giving away 500 free seedling trees on a first come first serve basis for you to plant in your own yard.  This is a wonderful way to give back to your community and a way to help spruce up your own yard as well.  Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer and bring your gloves, shovels, and tools.  I hope to see you all there!


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