Rule the Road: One of the Single Best Ideas for Teenage Drivers

teendrivingkeyspmIf you have a teenage driver in the house you know the anxiety, fear, and worry you go through each and every time they pull out of the driveway.  And unfortunately these fears come with good reason.  In 2012, 2,700 teens ages 16-19 were killed in automobile accidents and another 282,000 were treated for injuries.  The upside to this is that many of these are preventable with proper training, rules enforced, and maintenance.  This is where the Westfield Police Dept comes in.  On Saturday May 18th from 10am-3pm they are hosting a teenage driving safety event called Rule the Road. This is geared towards those teens 15-18 years old who are just getting or have just gotten their drivers license.  This event will teach them the skills they need to stay safe behind the wheel.  They will learn hazard recognition, vehicle handling, and speed management.  They will also have the opportunity to maneuver an impaired driving course and a distracted driving simulator.  In addition to driving safety a mechanic will be on hand to teach the teens proper vehicle maintenance ranging from changing a tire to checking tire pressures, and much more.

These type of skills and knowledge are undoubtedly priceless.  In our go, go, go world today, safety is often overlooked and under-emphasized.  For the sake of your child and others on the road, take the time to attend this worthwhile event.

For more information or to obtain a registration packet, contact Sgt. Billy Adams at or call 317-804-3200.





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