Room to Breathe in New Palestine

surreycourt1Not enough bedrooms? Never an available bathroom? Looking for that house with room to grow?  Look no further than this 4 bedroom 4 1/2 bathroom home located in New Palestine.  With almost 5,000 square feet and 14 total rooms this home will accommodate families of all sizes.  And in addition to the shear size and openness of the house the features are countless.  For example the house boasts a laundry room, a 3 car garage, hard wood floors, a surreycourt2gorgeous brick fireplace, walk-in closets, and much much more.  Plus it’s location is ideal for those who want privacy and safety.  This house is located in a cul-de-sac which cuts down drastically on traffic.  All in all this house has a modern flair and still manages to create a classic style curb appeal.  It is without a doubt worth a second look so contact me to set up your personal tour today!



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