Westfield’s Growth: A Good Sign for the Future

Last month Westfield city council members met to discuss the possibility of a new potential planned unit project named Towne West.  This proposal would include a retail area and a multi-family area located in the northeast corner of Towne Road and 146th St.  Grand_Junction_WestfieldThis would be a great addition to the area and bring even more jobs and business to our city.  In addition there was a proposal for the redevelopment of the Grand Junction, the downtown area centered around a grassy knoll.  This would improve the appearance and functionality of the area.  This town meeting was especially productive with the additional proposal from Justus Apartments who plan to build in the Bridgewater development area near 151st and Gray Road.

What does this mean for you? Well in addition to all of the great projects coming to our ever-growing city this is great news for anyone wanting to buy or sell a home in Westfield.  This shows that our city is full of economic growth and promise.  With this in mind selling your home in such a desirable city such as Westfield will be easier. And finding a home in our fair city would guarantee you that you would live in a well cared for, active, and safe community.

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