Tips for Sellers: Your Four Legged Friends

I’m sure that you feel the same way about your four legged furry felines and canines as I dog jumping on persondo, I love them! I also tend to overlook any of their not-so-pleasant habits or hygiene.  As current home owners we might not even notice Fido’s dog smell, and quite frankly his cuteness out-weighs his stench.  On the other hand, buyers will undoubtedly smell him, the litter box, and any other smells.  Unpleasant odors are one of the top 10 reasons people listed as not liking a house.  So before you plan to show your home make sure that the only smells they are smelling are clean and fresh aromas.

And speaking of Fido, you know he won’t bite, you know he just wants to greet people, you know he wouldn’t hurt a fly but home seekers aren’t so sure.  Letting your four legged friend run out to meet potential buyers or letting him bark at the front door might seem innocent enough to you but might be terrifying for anyone afraid of dogs.  Ensure that during open houses or showing you keep Fido safely in the backyard or see if a friend will watch him for a couple of hours.

And since first impressions really do count the last thing you will want is your possible home buyer stepping in one of Fido’s little messes so be diligent about cleaning up your yard and walkway. You will also want to keep all litter boxes clean and out of view.  It is not the most appeasing sight to potential buyers.

While in my opinion animals help make a house a home it is up to the buyer to make that decision for themselves and up to you as a home seller to give the best impression as possible!



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