An Ode to a Realtor

Some purchases are impulse, like those up by the clerkbuyingfirsthouse
Or the late night spending sprees on home shopping network.
Many of these items you will forget about or discard
or end up priced a quarter on some table in your yard.
But other investments need more time and consideration
ones that cause for pause or mental hesitation
One perfect example is buying a home to reside
There are too many options, areas, and amenities to decide.
It’s a decision so big, it’s hard to make on your own
It will be your place of solace, a place to call home.
So to make home buying smoother, almost fun if you will
It’s important to hire a realtor that possess the skill.
One with experience and the drive to succeed
One that will listen to your every want and every need.
It is important that your realtor is definitely in the know….
A realtor such as myself, Wendy Vivirito.

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